Looks Like I Hit the Gym…

Years (and years) ago, my brother and I (rather sadly) played a computer golfing game. Our shots would often hit the trees, roll into bunkers, or miss the fairway by half a lunar mile. There was a completely hilarious commentary kept up by two faceless american-accented men. Any time we would hit a tree, one […]

Getting Interactive With It

I have been getting some amazing responses to these posts, mostly via email or facebook. That’s fantastic, but if you want to add your comments to the blog, please do!. You can add comments anonymously if you like. This will help people who are reading, because then it’s not just oakley-thoughts on the matter. I […]

Thinking Through Mud: Talking

Depression is hard to get a handle on. It’s difficult enough for people who are living through it. It’s even harder to understand if you’ve never had a chemical imbalance of the brain. I’ve lived with it for half a decade now, and I’ve learnt a lot. But there are still times when it amazes […]