I Think I am a Grumpy Mummy

The other day I turned to a group of mothers and said, “I think I am a grumpy mummy.” They laughed and then paused, waiting for me to explain myself. The laughter was somewhat nervous. “I don’t like children’s parties.” I helpfully added. A few nodded. A few looked at me as though children’s parties […]

The Mane Thing

Leo is my son’s best friend. He is 14 months old, and he has cancer. He is in hospital receiving treatment; chemo. He is going to lose his beautiful hair. Leo’s family, and the way they are coping, is amazing. ¬†They suffer, yet they have hope. They pray, they are honest, they are humble, they […]

I Came, I Saw, I Conked.

I did not have the most successful shopping tour of Brisbane when I visited last weekend. First, I must clarify that I do not much like commercialism. I do not really like to spend much money. But I do love to support the Arts, and also the array of crafters that Australia is so good […]