Local Threads

You know the ‘buy local’ movement, and its logic? I’ve decided that it works for reclaiming too.

I like supporting local small businesses. Especially the ones who make quality products. But what happens when I can’t support them by purchasing their products, because I don’t have the money at the moment?

Take, for example, my favourite local furniture maker. I would simply love to buy one of Richard’s pieces. (Particularly since our oldest couch is nearing 12 years old, and is falling apart.) But I can’t buy one right now. Instead, I tormented the poor guy by visiting him on Friday to ask if I could purchase some of his fabric offcuts. These are pieces of high quality upholstery fabric that are too small for furniture. Richard gives them to me for a reasonable price. This is great for me, because I can buy fabric that would ordinarily be out of reach of my budget. And it’s good for Richard too, because he can recoup some of his outlay for the fabric.

Yummy Fabric

I get to make some lovely things with the fabric. (Bag linings for crochet bags, and cushion-covers, to name a few.) And one day, hopefully next year, I will waltz into the showroom and order a couch, and Richard’s eyebrows will animatedly rise several millimetres skywards.


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