Somewhat Cushy

This afternoon an old-faithful got a makeover. It was a sunny yellow cushion. Goodness knows how I ever came to own yellow cushions. But I have two of them.

The first one today went from this:


To this:


I used some of the fabric mentioned in this post. I’ve been busting to use it.

The pattern was a simple patchwork envelope cover outlined in The Crafty Minx. I have used it a fair bit lately, making cushion covers to give as birthday presents when my kids go to birthday parties. It’s pretty easy to adapt to any cushion insert size, and a very, very good beginner’s sewing pattern. In less than an hour I turned out a couch-worthy cushion. (Prior to that it was hiding in a cupboard.)

I suppose I could show you the back view, and perhaps a look at Cushy’s new home.


Comfy Cushy

So there you go. That’s how I staved off lunacy this afternoon.

I’m also excited to report that Cath from My Bearded Pigeon (who makes brilliant organic cotton cushion covers) put me on to a Sydney-based company called Inner Green. Postage willing, that is where I will be sourcing all my future cushion inserts. I love that they recycle PET bottles to make their fibre.

What did you get up to this weekend?


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