Ten Things

The niceness-package that is Kathryn from CloudLoveBaby has tagged me in a little game of Ten Things. She has also been awkwardly vague about what ‘ten things’ I am supposed to blog about. She said, “You could tell me the last 10 things you ate and I’d be grateful and love reading it”. This probably indicates that Kathryn is more sleep-deprived than even she realises or cares to admit. Anyway, onward: here are ten things about me that are possibly more interesting than my stomach contents.
  1. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
  2. I am really bad at folding washing. My mother-in-law sighs just watching me. My Mum doesn’t. I come from a long line of women with better things to do than win prizes for folding things flat.
  3. I’m also very bad at arranging flowers. I think I am part gumby (a la Monty Python). My Mum and my grandmother Joey are brilliant at flower arranging. They have a good eye for form and colour. Actually, so do I. I just have bad hand-eye-coordination when it comes to vases.
  4. I used to be a coxswain. You know, a cox. For a rowing eight. We won the Tasmanian Head of the River in 1996. I steered really straight. Just four weeks earlier, after a disappointing loss, my crew and I had managed to run our shell aground on a protruding log, causing quite a bit of damage. The dizziness of transition from tears to cheers that month is not something I need to relive. That’s why I’m retired now, you see.
  5. I love folk music from the British Isles. Let’s thank my Dad for that.
  6. When I lived on ‘the mainland’ for nearly nine years, I missed my parents and siblings so much that it sometimes hurt physically. I am so happy to be living on the same island as them again.
  7. I really, truly think Jesus is the most important thing about life. I find this excruciating to talk about. I do not like the thought of imposing on anyone. But, equally, I do not like the thought of people finishing up their life, arriving on the doorstep of the next and wondering why no-one told them. If I could recommend one bit of the Bible to people it would be the whole thing. But I suppose you could start with the Gospel of Mark.
  8. I just got completely distracted trying to make that decision, and ended up on YouTube watching Homer Simpson’s ‘Spider Pig’ song. Partially because I was actually tweeting about bacon.
  9. I get tetchy – grumpy- with my own writing a lot. I’m in a constant fight against perfectionism. Blogging is difficult for me because it is ‘soft publishing’. My work is ‘out there’, and yet because it’s a blog it doesn’t need to be slick and perfected. That is, on the one hand, liberating. It means I can write, and others can read what I’ve written. On the other hand, I worry about publishing such writing; work that is not my ‘best’. The compromise is to do it anyway, and comfort myself that at least I am writing. Because not writing is much worse. And when I’m at a loss, I just throw in a link to a random song about piglets.
  10. When I met my hubby, James, he sat down next to me and proceeded to read a book. It was Pride and Prejudice. I was fascinated that a) he could ignore me for a book and b) a guy was reading Austen. He has fascinated me ever since. He still regularly ignores me for a book. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love his mind, and I love life-building with him.
Questions? I’m only too happy to answer them. 

12 thoughts on “Ten Things

    • Oh, yes! There was something so steady, so resolutely disdainful of the opinion of others in the action of that twenty-one-year-old man reading Austen on a beach. He’s my Darcy, alright. 😉

  1. Oh I love it, Sally! Love it! That’s exactly what I’m talking about! “Niceness package” made me LOL! And to me, your #7 is just another way of saying my zen/happy/karma. I’m not an anything (well I was raised Catholic), but I do believe in being good and I think the boss of the universe just wants us to get that message, however it comes to us. I get that it’s hard to talk about though!

    I think number 1 is my favourite though!

    • You *are* nice Kathryn!

      I’m not sure I agree with your slant on ‘being good’ though. But I reckon that’s a discussion for another format. Suffice to say for now that I’m justified by faith, through grace. That’s a massive concept right there. And this is another reason that I squirm when talking about my faith; I do not like to argue with nice people!

      Do you think #1 is a common theme among some stay-at-home-mummas? (Yet another term that doesn’t sit comfortably with me!)

  2. When I went to bed, Sally, I was thinking about my comment and realised it was a little flippant and dismissive! There is obviously huge differences, I think the trick is to be respectful about other’s points of view. I think that is what I was trying to say. While organised religion is not for me, I certainly don’t think you should have to muzzle up because it is for you! 😉

    • O, I didn’t think you were either flippant or dismissive! But thanks for the clarification. I agree that being respectful of each other’s points of view is vital. And keeping a sense of humour too. 🙂 Thanks Kathryn. xo

  3. I love all 10 – can you go 20?
    I love especially #2, #6 and #9 – but I’ll leave it till tomorrow to have a cuppa and chat with you! Yay! tomorrow!
    (except that my beloved leaves for 10 days!)

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