The Buddy Rug

I must admit to inconsistency: I do not always buy or make a gift for people who have babies. But I’m attempting to get better at celebrating births giftily. There have been many arrivals recently. One set of twin boys has had me stumped. It’s the wrong time of year for knitted gifts, really. And I’m short on time. I have never knitted anything for my husband, and I have a project lined up for him that I’m itching to begin.

Ditching the needles, then, I took inspiration from a book called Sewing in No TimeΒ by Emma Hardy. (I was fortunate enough to find mine second-hand.) Emma often uses ribbon to personalise projects. I also had a dig through Stubbard. that’s my stash-cupboard. Have you met Stubbard yet? Here’s a little picture:

My Stash Cupboard

I keep heaps in there: yarn, fabric, my sewing box. My sewing machine is on top, with thread, my beautiful ribbon jar, and a basket of often-used fabric.

There’s a bit of a story to the cupboard. We bought it when I was pregnant with my first bub, because our rental house had no built-in wardrobes. It was second-hand, but we bought it from a bit of a fancy place, and they had repainted it nicely.

One of the things that happens to me when I’m very close to giving birth is that I do ‘hardware nesting’. That is, I have sudden urges to go to the local hardware store and do D.I.Y.-type things with hammers and nails and all that. It’s very strange, but it did happen every time. That first time, it meant that I spent the best part of two days fixing the doors so that they would stay shut without the need for a lock. Seven years later they are still working beautifully.

Anyway, this fancy second-hand dealer was in town, and we rented a little house near town. Stubbard wouldn’t fit in the boot, and we didn’t want to pay for delivery. So we just borrowed a trolley, and my parents (bless them) wheeled it through town all the way to my place. I drove slowly beside them cheering them on. It’s a wonderful memory for me, still.

The ribbon jar was given to me by a dear friend for my birthday this year. It was such a gorgeous present; a glass jar filled with beautiful ribbons.

Ribbon Jar

This, along with a reclaimed cotton blanket I found in my Stubbard (it used to belong to my nieces too), gave me a bit of an idea for these twinnies. What if, instead of doing a ‘bunny rug’ for them to lie down on, I did a ‘buddy rug’ for the two of them to share? Take one cotton blankie:

Add some ribbon:

Stitch it on:

And you have a Buddy Rug:

It’s quite big, so it will fit both of the twins lying side-by-side for quite some time. And because it’s cotton, it will be soft and cool. When they’re a bit older, I think the ribbon will provide a point of interest for them. In my experience, babies love ribbons and tags, and they are attracted to strongly contrasting colours early on.

All done in the space of half an hour or so.

And now, I can start James’ vest. His birthday is in June…so I’d better get cracking.


7 thoughts on “The Buddy Rug

    • Thanks Christie! I love Stubbard too much for a cupboard. We may soon move to another place without built-ins. If that happens, I don’t think my kids will get Stubbard back. We’ll be in the market for a couple more second-hand cupboards. πŸ™‚

  1. Ha ha! That’s such a happy memory for me too Sal! we may have been crazy but it was a “we can do this!” occasion! I loved the memory of you driving ahead and idling in side streets to yell encouragement!
    Love the buddy rug – ingenious!

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