Pressing Buttons

I woke up with a migraine, feeling quite grumpy about that fact, and wondering if there was one simple thing I could do to cheer myself up a bit.

I have a bit of a ribbon obsession at the moment. And I also collect buttons. Most recently, I picked up some perspex and timber laser-cut buttons from the local Apron Design Market. And if you’ve read my Buddy Rug post, you’ll know about my ribbon jar.

So I got some supplies and started making a cuff of sorts. Sewing scissors (nice and sharp they should be – mine are not), ribbon, button.

I cut and threaded the ribbon. I will need to get some sort of ‘fray-stop’ to add to the edges at some point, but today is not that day.

Although I think the little double knot looks quite cute,

I would say it would be a good idea to hem and add press-studs (snap-fasteners) instead of tying. Today is not that day either.

The finished product actually has cheered me up a bit.

And you can see that I have found plenty more buttons and ribbons to have a go with.

But that’s for another day. Right now it’s time for a cup of tea.


7 thoughts on “Pressing Buttons

    • Thanks Lu. My brain normally works like that too. But sometimes one idea leads to another…and an adaptation turns into something new.

      I have to say I thought this cuff would be a bit uncomfortable. But I’ve worn it all day and it’s much nicer than a bangle because it doesn’t get in the way. I think the nice thick satin ribbon makes it comfy.

  1. I “de fray” ribbon by holding a match close to the edges – it “melts” the silk and seals it! I can’t remember if my gran or scary sewing teacher at school taught me that. I’m going with gran 🙂

    • Thanks Philippa! My mum taught me that too. But in thinking about it today I couldn’t remember if it only applied to certain kinds of ribbon. And I was in the sort of mood that placed me in the danger-zone for pyromaniacal behaviour. So I decided, sod it, I’m just going to wear it fray-ey. And I did. What a rebel. 🙂

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