Simple Pleasures

It is the second week of December. Usually a packed one.

This year, our household will be extra busy. We are moving house on the 17th. We have bought our very own home. There is a lot of excitement in the mix.

Plus many boxes, much sorting and packing, and an amazing amount of support from wonderful friends and family. Some of our friends have not known us for very long. Yet they’re still insistently offering help. I love it. I’m so thankful. But also still a tiny bit frantic.

Sometimes we know we need to slow down. A good old “smell-the-roses” type of thing. But it can be tricky. Lots of us like to feel productive, even while we rest.

This week, my inspiring jeweller-friend Jess is running a series on her Epheriell Designs blog. She has dubbed it  ‘Simple Pleasures Week‘. What timing!

Jess has also been wonderfully generous in allowing others to contribute. I’ve written a post on one of my simple pleasures: gardening.

If you’ve not read Jess’ blog before, I think you’ll like it. Head over to Epheriell Designs and enjoy some down-time.


One thought on “Simple Pleasures

  1. lovely! enjoy the pleasure of sorting and packing and then nesting! what an adventure to move into and nest your own home!
    we had the simple pleasure yesterday of absolute rest: chilling, sleeping in, pottering, reading, writing and so on…. we ignored all the ‘should do’, ‘must do’ and ‘we usually do’ things and woke up refreshed today!
    wishing you well as you pack and sort and generally run the marathon of family everyday life! (and Heth and I will be up in 2 weeks to put some effort into your move!!)

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