Go to Hell

Humanity told Jesus to go to Hell.

He, obedient to his Father, and not to our ludicrous desires, went through it.

Which means we don’t have to.

Some don’t believe a good God could consign people to Hell. But this good God makes it clear that he can’t allow wrongdoing to go on without consequence. This good God always had a plan, and in Jesus it was fulfilled. The plan was a way to blot out all those things that keep us from relating to God. Sin, basically. We all have it. Most of us fail to realise how serious a problem we have, because we are focussed on the here-and-now, and the obvious.

Easter is a good time to think eternally.

Do you believe in ultimate truth?

Jesus cared so much he went through Hell for us. For me. You.

O, my God.


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