After my previous, slightly heavy post, I felt unable to write for a wee while. I had a lovely family holiday, celebrated my middle one’s 6th birthday with a mountain walk (her request), and now we are back home.

March and April have been busy with knitting and crochet projects as well. I thought I would post a few photos.

'Dots Yoke Vest' pattern by Ochiai Tokuko

This is my new vest, blocking. (The mini-dots are the pin-heads. I soak my knitted things for a few minutes in wool-wash and tepid water. I gently squeeze out excess water, then roll them in a towel. Having trodden on the roll to squeeze more water out, I lay them flat on a dry towel and pin them in place. Then I play the impatient game of waiting for them to dry completely.) I never used to block. But the first time I tried it I realised how much it could improve a knitted garment. So now I usually do. It’s more fun than ironing.

'Reversatile Cowl' pattern by Katie White

Not so with this item, though. This is a cowl I have knitted from some beautiful alpaca yarn my Mum and Dad brought me back from New Zealand. It is so soft that I cannot bear to take it off, so blocking will have to wait for another day.

'Granny Circle Cushion' pattern by Lollipop Tree Lane

This is a cushion made from New Zealand and Tasmanian yarns. Merino and Blue-Faced Leicester, if you care about that sort of detail! Again, the NZ yarns were a gift from my lovely parents, who often visit New Zealand to walk (or ‘tramp’) in the wilder areas. Dad has been blogging about their recent trip.

'Zeg Warmers' pattern by Georgie Hallam

These cute legs belong to my afore-mentioned birthday girl. The leg-warmers were part of her birthday present from me.

Original pattern by Lion Brand Yarn, adapted by me.

And here she is again, this time modelling some Cinderella Mitts we made for a friend’s birthday present.

'Panoramic Stole' pattern by Hannah Fettig

But the project I was busiest with was this stole I made for my grandmother’s birthday. It was my first lace pattern and I quickly learnt how easy it is to make mistakes with lace patterns – and how perilous.

The undoing-and-redoing process (tinking, ripping back, re-knitting) is terrifying and slow. This stole is two metres long, so of course it’s not without its mistakes. But the end result is still quite lovely. The yarn is a favourite – Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light – ‘Blackcurrant’. So soft, with the most wonderful colour variations that my iPod camera cannot do justice to.

So that’s some of what I’ve been up to. Along with gardening, and generally enjoying the fantastic autumn weather Tasmania is experiencing.

For the record, I did overindulge on hot-cross-buns. And chocolate. And I did give up alcohol for Lent, which means I am now very much revelling in my evening glass of Sauvignon Blanc.


11 thoughts on “Makings

  1. You sure have been busy. And happy birthing day for the wee 6yo. I have one too…(6yo’s…fun times).
    Love the Vest, and the leg warmers AND the beautiful stole! Well done. It is a bit of a mammoth project, those shawls in fine yarn, but oh so luscious.
    Enjoy your vino….

    • Thank you, Alex! I had a look at your shop the other night, to see if you had any Tosh Merino Light left…but alas, no. (I think my bank balance is the happier for it, though!) I will keep an eye out for when the shipment of Tosh DK comes in…

      • Hi Sally,
        just saw your message….there is lots of Merino light left…..where did you look? Not that I want to compromise your bank balance….just making sure my stock is visible to the public 😉

        • Of course! Basically, when I click on the ‘Yarns’ tab and go to ‘Madelinetosh’, all your Madtosh yarns seem to be listed. But if I click on the ‘View all our yarns here’ line instead, it seems to miss some, including the Tosh Merino Light. At least, that’s how my confusion came about. I don’t know if it’s still behaving that way. Hope that helps.

    • I’m glad you like the purple, because that’s the colour I’m unsure about still! Given that the vest is so comfortable I’m enjoying wearing it anyway. Perhaps I should consider some purple bangles or something…

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