Milo May

There is a rather brilliant type of person called a ‘designer’. I am not one, which allows me all the more to admire those who are. One of my favourites is Georgie Hallam – an Australian who designs seamless knitting patterns. This month, Georgie decided to have an event on Ravelry: Milo May.  Just an opportunity for those of us who like  love her ‘Milo Vest‘ pattern to share what we knit during May.

I didn’t mean to get carried away. I really didn’t.  It’s now the 16th of May and I have knitted three. The fourth is on the needles. In my defence, three of them have been newborn-sized, which means really very cutely small.

The blue vest (above) is a merino/silk blend. Very shiny but soft. My teddy Rowfy has his eye on it. But it is too big for him.

This grey one will fit a 9-12 month-old. The yarn is a blend of Wool, Cashmere and Silk. (Yes, I did get a bit arty-farty, didn’t I?)

And this little pink sweetie just attracted the jelly-beans like some sort of sugary-pied-piper. We ate them afterwards.

Want to know how small the small ones are?  Here’s my lovely six-year-old holding a newborn-sized vest:


I probably should knit some for my own kids now. Although the one I knitted for my boy a year ago still fits…just.

Happy Milo May, everyone.


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