You might remember that MiloMay was happening last month. I ended up knitting four Milo vests. They were all entered in the competition, which was judged by the young pre-school boy whose clever Mumma wrote the pattern.


Not a bad effort…


Something about one of my entries pleased him – let’s just say he loves trains – and he chose my Stripey Milo as the winner.



Once I got over the  surprise, and the (predictable) feelings of unworthiness, I settled into feeling really quite happy. My prize is to be 200g of hand-dyed merino yarn. Whether or not I feel I deserve it, I will certainly enjoy it.

If you’re looking for an easy beginner’s knitting pattern that will stretch you just a bit, Milo is it. I knitted two more in June ; one for each of my daughters.















And I’m still not sick of Milos.




6 thoughts on “WinWonWoo

    • Thanks Lola. Georgie Hallam is the designer’s name. She’s an Australian with a knack for designing seamless knitted garments. I’ve never found a Georgie Hallam pattern I haven’t liked.

  1. I’ve just started crocheting last year and have made about 6 baby beanies this winter already, just for the fun of it (now just need to find babies to give them to)!

    Now you’re inspiring me to learn to knit as well … I can feel a new addiction coming on …

    • I started with crochet too…in 2009. Then moved on to knitting the following year. Now I enjoy both immensely! I usually have the opposite problem with the beanies though – more babies than beanies in my life right now!

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