100 Beanie Drive

Winter is now here good and proper. It’s perfect weather for curling up on a couch and making things.

In light of that, I am excited to introduce a little initiative by Jess at Epheriell Designs: the 100 Beanie Drive.

The basic idea is simple…the wonderful tradition of making a soft, warm garment for someone undergoing cancer treatment. I am going to knit a beanie to donate via Jess, and I’m inviting you to make one too.

It needn’t be knitted, if that’s not your thing. I can think of some clever crocheteers out there, and more than one sewing whizz.

We’ve got until July 31, but I say the sooner the better. Pop over to Jess’ blog for details about how to join in.

Oh, and…thanks.


*Update: Jess has also set up a 100 Beanie Drive group on Ravelry. Click here to join (you need to join Ravelry, but membership is free and completely awesome.)*


4 thoughts on “100 Beanie Drive

  1. Speaking as a beneficiary of a beanie, knitted for me by one of the busiest members of our church, let me say that this is a great idea. Tassie winter temperatures and chemo-induced baldness indicate beanies should be on the PBS.

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