make. do.

Many months ago, I wrote about making this year the Year of Fun.

My Mum reminded me of that the other day. And we both laughed heartily.

Winter has been a tough season. Weeks of minor illness in the family, solo-parenting for a week while my husband was away for a conference, the death of my grandmother, then more winter illness.

There have been bright spots. My grandma’s funeral was a wonderful celebration of her life. My hubby and I are starting to make some progress on the house we moved into just before Christmas.

But it hasn’t been fun. I has been overwhelming. That’s life.

Yes, I am annoyed at my seemingly perpetual state of overwhelm. I am frustrated that I still have depression seven years on. I am sick of it.

But I can’t turn my back on it. It doesn’t work that way. I have to manage it as best I can. Make do. And in the meantime, make, and do stuff.


eating homegrown salads

making tiny doll’s clothes

tidying up and finding a mantlepiece





And some reading and writing.

How about you? Has it been a bleak winter, or a blazing one?


4 thoughts on “make. do.

  1. Oh same here, Sally-same here. I didn’t actually make a resolve out loud that this would be the year of fun but I did decide it to myself, after last yr was a blur of pregnancy, new baby & PND. I started off well enough but winter has seen us come undone with constant illness (mostly not serious, just debilitating in terms of strength, patience & the energy to do more than just get by/survive.) But the last few days I can smell spring in the air & I feel a renewed sense of optimism that fun is on the way. I hope I’m right-for your family as well as mine! 🙂

  2. A lovely piece Sal and love the title! My year of Joy has also on occasions been hijacked, but I’m reminded that we can experience joy (grab hold of Joy) in the midst of pain. Life is more a matter of both/and than either/or. I think the “Make. Do” double meaning is a good one – I know I need to look for the joy in a day and not focus on the hard stuff! Thanks for the lovely reminder!

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