I am Sally. In 2005 I began experiencing depression; a strange condition that has kept me guessing over the years. Symptoms change and vary. Treatments need tweaking. Circumstances affect me. That’s just life, really. Depression is more common than I realised. 

I’ve been writing about it. A lot of that writing ends up here, as well as some words about other things that have helped me. Things like my Christian faith, knitting and crochet and attempted-sewing, gardening (especially with native Australian plants) and many, many cups of tea.

I have a little family who are pretty tops, too. They constitute a handsome hubby, two daughters and a son. Full-time work is looking after the kids. Before they arrived I studied (a little horticulture, and a degree in History and English).

I tweet @SallyRavels, and can also be found on facebook.

One coffee per day is a self-imposed restriction, so it had better be a good one. I recommend my brother’s small roastery: Ritual Coffee.


One thought on “About

  1. How great are you! Your sharing is guided from above. I only found you accidentally when I googled Leek and Potato Soup. My sisters know what depression brings and our mother definitely suffered; had she been alive today maybe she would have been coaxed along with medication and support. I commend you and will follow your blog.

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