100 Beanie Drive

Winter is now here good and proper. It’s perfect weather for curling up on a couch and making things. In light of that, I am excited to introduce a little initiative by Jess at Epheriell Designs: the 100 Beanie Drive. The basic idea is simple…the wonderful tradition of making a soft, warm garment for someone […]


After my previous, slightly heavy post, I felt unable to write for a wee while. I had a lovely family holiday, celebrated my middle one’s 6th birthday with a mountain walk (her request), and now we are back home. March and April have been busy with knitting and crochet projects as well. I thought I […]

Local Threads

You know the ‘buy local’ movement, and its logic? I’ve decided that it works for reclaiming too. I like supporting local small businesses. Especially the ones who make quality products. But what happens when I can’t support them by purchasing their products, because I don’t have the money at the moment? Take, for example, my […]