Depression: a Mini Survival Guide

Do you think that Depression is a minor illness? That it really only proves fatal in the weakest minds? I challenge you to re-think that stance. Do you have depression? Do you tend to ignore it, hoping that if you just get on with things, it will go away? Did someone tell you it would […]


I’m off to a conference today. It’s a family-oriented thing; the annual SummerView Conference run by the Church Missionary Society (CMS). It’s by the beach. 🙂 On Sunday, my lovely hubby and I celebrate our twelfth wedding anniversary. I knitted him a vest as a gift. It was meant to be for his birthday in […]

Growers’ Markets

Some of my Kiwi friends were recently bemoaning the loss of their Farmers’ Market. It hasn’t gone anywhere; it’s still thriving back in Dunedin. But this family has relocated to my town for a few years. And we don’t have a full Farmers’ Market. Yet. What we do have, in the nearby town of Perth, […]