Purpose on Paper

One of the least useful pieces of advice I ever received following diagnosis with depression was this: ‘Stay in your pyjamas for as long as you like. Take it easy in the mornings’. This is not bad advice┬áper se. It was just unhelpful for me. I do not feel relaxed in my pyjamas during the […]

Simple Pleasures

It is the second week of December. Usually a packed one. This year, our household will be extra busy. We are moving house on the 17th. We have bought our very own home. There is a lot of excitement in the mix. Plus many boxes, much sorting and packing, and an amazing amount of support […]


This blog mostly began as a way to write about depression. A lot of the time I don’t feel like writing about it. But I’m always still living it. And sometimes I get back to a point of expression and can write about it again. I’ve written previously about counselling and anti-depressants. They have both […]