Six months. Give or take. That’s how long it took to convince me that I ought to at least try anti-depressant medication. What was I afraid of? Well. Small amounts of the drugs can pass into breast milk and I was worried about the effect these would have on my wee babby. (She was two […]

Nothing Personal

“Taking care of your personal appearance can make you feel better about yourself, give you more confidence…a spring in your step, a readiness for anything.” Women’s magazines (yes, I am going to criticise them in general, even though it is a cheap shot), advice from advertising, marketing, that silly shallow voice in your head. If […]

Looks Like I Hit the Gym…

Years (and years) ago, my brother and I (rather sadly) played a computer golfing game. Our shots would often hit the trees, roll into bunkers, or miss the fairway by half a lunar mile. There was a completely hilarious commentary kept up by two faceless american-accented men. Any time we would hit a tree, one […]