I like social media. A lot. Probably a bit too much. I spend a fair whack of my time writing, reading, commenting, referring, (inferring), thinking, copying & pasting, and being bossy to people that I barely know. As I write this, I have Twitter and Facebook running in the background. My GooglePlus is neglected. But […]

Getting Interactive With It

I have been getting some amazing responses to these posts, mostly via email or facebook. That’s fantastic, but if you want to add your comments to the blog, please do!. You can add comments anonymously if you like. This will help people who are reading, because then it’s not just oakley-thoughts on the matter. I […]

Big Tracker is Watching You

A friend, a lovely friend, who blogs here, found my blog yesterday. Being a kind and helpful sort, he recommended that I get all technical and track visitations. (To my blog, that is. Nothing extra-terrestrial going on here.) Will was kind enough to send me a little tutorial via Twitter, so that I could, you know, […]