Go to Hell

Humanity told Jesus to go to Hell. He, obedient to his Father, and not to our ludicrous desires, went through it. Which means we don’t have to. Some don’t believe a good God could consign people to Hell. But this good God makes it clear that he can’t allow wrongdoing to go on without consequence. […]

Ten Things

The niceness-package that is Kathryn from CloudLoveBaby¬†has tagged me in a little game of Ten Things. She has also been awkwardly vague about what ‘ten things’ I am supposed to blog about. She said, “You could tell me the last 10 things you ate and I’d be grateful and love reading it”. This probably indicates […]

Jonquils for Pat

Someone I didn’t know very well died last week. She was important to me. She was not famous. But she was faithful, generous, and beautiful. She was Pat. Decades ago, Pat went to a Billy Graham crusade, and became a Christian.* From the time that Pat decided to follow Jesus, she never gave up doing […]