Bitterest feeling. This day-job, this occupation, this vocation that I have allowed to be mine – motherhood – is so hard. I gave up paid work to be a failure at this? This important, vital job that is somehow rendered otherwise in society’s harsher views? So, I’m crap at a dud job but I’m meant […]

Go to Hell

Humanity told Jesus to go to Hell. He, obedient to his Father, and not to our ludicrous desires, went through it. Which means we don’t have to. Some don’t believe a good God could consign people to Hell. But this good God makes it clear that he can’t allow wrongdoing to go on without consequence. […]

I’m a Mess and it Probably Doesn’t Matter

I was out the other day, when my toddly boy got ‘chatting’ with a little girl of ten months. It was rather cute. Her mum and I got chatting too. Within ten minutes we were sharing some pretty deep stuff. She has post-natal depression (PND). She had planned to be having another baby quite close […]