With You In It

“If I could say anything to a depressed person right now, it would be: ‘You are loved. You have worth. And the world is absolutely better with you in it.’” Matthew Reilly, quoted in The Weekend Australian Magazine, June 23, 2012. I spent a day on my parents’ couch yesterday. Struggling to recover from the ‘flu, there […]


After my previous, slightly heavy post, I felt unable to write for a wee while. I had a lovely family holiday, celebrated my middle one’s 6th birthday with a mountain walk (her request), and now we are back home. March and April have been busy with knitting and crochet projects as well. I thought I […]

Go to Hell

Humanity told Jesus to go to Hell. He, obedient to his Father, and not to our ludicrous desires, went through it. Which means we don’t have to. Some don’t believe a good God could consign people to Hell. But this good God makes it clear that he can’t allow wrongdoing to go on without consequence. […]