Sick: the Shadow of Nausea

Dear friend, I’m so happy that you’re pregnant. And I’m so unhappy to hear about your debilitating nausea. I know what it’s like. I don’t know what you’ve already tried, so I’m sorry if this just repeats things you already know. But knowing how awful the nausea is, I thought it best to write down […]

Short Cuts

Tonight my husband accidentally slammed a chair into the edge of a door he was carrying it through. It was loud. I crumbled into tears. A slow accident. Waiting to happen? Probably. Elaborating: there are times when sounds, smells, visions produce unexpected but not unexplained reactions in us. Think about the times you’ve smelled a […]

Thinking Through Mud, Part 1

What has happened to me is by no means uncommon. My story is not all that simple, although nobody’s ever is. At least to me, it was nowhere near predictable. Maybe wiser people saw it coming. but no-one likes to cast doubt, or to wear the doom-sayer’s mantle. So there was no real warning that I could […]