Someone Gets Hurt Until it’s All Fun and Games

It’s a strange concept to me that I needed to be taught the importance of fun. I grew up in a loving, slightly crazy, uber-fun family home. My mum and dad are quite fun people (as the number of photos of them in outrageous costumes at fancy-dress parties will attest). I remember having lots of […]

Ten Things

The niceness-package that is Kathryn from CloudLoveBaby¬†has tagged me in a little game of Ten Things. She has also been awkwardly vague about what ‘ten things’ I am supposed to blog about. She said, “You could tell me the last 10 things you ate and I’d be grateful and love reading it”. This probably indicates […]

Short Cuts

Tonight my husband accidentally slammed a chair into the edge of a door he was carrying it through. It was loud. I crumbled into tears. A slow accident. Waiting to happen? Probably. Elaborating: there are times when sounds, smells, visions produce unexpected but not unexplained reactions in us. Think about the times you’ve smelled a […]