Six months. Give or take. That’s how long it took to convince me that I ought to at least try anti-depressant medication. What was I afraid of? Well. Small amounts of the drugs can pass into breast milk and I was worried about the effect these would have on my wee babby. (She was two […]

The Things We Can’t Speak Of

Shame can stop us from talking about things. So can guilt. For people like me, who like to talk about almost everything, this can feel awful. Others wouldn’t dream of speaking about things close to their hearts, or buried down deep. Shame is not the same as guilt. [A very good book – John Piper’s Battling Unbelief […]

Getting Interactive With It

I have been getting some amazing responses to these posts, mostly via email or facebook. That’s fantastic, but if you want to add your comments to the blog, please do!. You can add comments anonymously if you like. This will help people who are reading, because then it’s not just oakley-thoughts on the matter. I […]