With You In It

“If I could say anything to a depressed person right now, it would be: ‘You are loved. You have worth. And the world is absolutely better with you in it.’” Matthew Reilly, quoted in The Weekend Australian Magazine, June 23, 2012. I spent a day on my parents’ couch yesterday. Struggling to recover from the ‘flu, there […]

Sick: the Shadow of Nausea

Dear friend, I’m so happy that you’re pregnant. And I’m so unhappy to hear about your debilitating nausea. I know what it’s like. I don’t know what you’ve already tried, so I’m sorry if this just repeats things you already know. But knowing how awful the nausea is, I thought it best to write down […]

Well, Are You?

I am sitting on a couch at my Mums’ Group feeding my baby. My toddler is fighting over a toy with another kid. For the first time – ever- she bends her mouth to his shoulder, and bites. I feel, predictably, awful. What mother wouldn’t. I very much want to disappear. What is most awful […]