I Came, I Saw, I Conked.

I did not have the most successful shopping tour of Brisbane when I visited last weekend. First, I must clarify that I do not much like commercialism. I do not really like to spend much money. But I do love to support the Arts, and also the array of crafters that Australia is so good […]


I like social media. A lot. Probably a bit too much. I spend a fair whack of my time writing, reading, commenting, referring, (inferring), thinking, copying & pasting, and being bossy to people that I barely know. As I write this, I have Twitter and Facebook running in the background. My GooglePlus is neglected. But […]

Looks Like I Hit the Gym…

Years (and years) ago, my brother and I (rather sadly) played a computer golfing game. Our shots would often hit the trees, roll into bunkers, or miss the fairway by half a lunar mile. There was a completely hilarious commentary kept up by two faceless american-accented men. Any time we would hit a tree, one […]